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GCCC to commit $20M to Carrara stadium

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27 Nov, 2008


GOLD Coast City Council will inject around $20 million towards a re-developed AFL stadium at Carrara should the GC17 become part of the national competition in 2011.
The capital will be expended only on an AFL commitment to awarding a licence to the GC17 bid and developing a stadium on the council-owned Carrara site.
The bid group is a triumvirate consisting Minter Ellison Gold Coast managing partner John Witheriff, former Brisbane Lions president Graham Downie and Southport Football Club president Alan MacKenzie.
Mayor Ron Clarke says the commitment is contingent on council funds being directed towards the upgrading of Carrara to a 27,000 seat stadium and that the upgrading be guaranteed by the AFL.
“Council’s financial contribution is also contingent on delivery of sufficient funding from the State and Federal governments to facilitate the redevelopment,” says Clarke.
“It is a wonderful opportunity for the city of the Gold Coast to obtain, for an investment of $20 million, a facility worth 10 times that sum, as well as gaining a club participating in the AFL national competition, with all the economic, social and community benefits this will provide.”
Cr Clarke said an upgraded AFL stadium at Carrara would also have the potential to be used for a range of other sporting and social events, including the Commonwealth Games.